Full digital document management solutions

Controlling data is difficult for all businesses, fortunately, we have ready-made solutions to enable you to work smarter and faster.

The benefits:

Improved organization and accessibility: Document management solutions provide a centralized location for storing, organizing, and retrieving documents, making it easier for employees to access the information they need. This can improve productivity, as employees spend less time searching for documents, and increase collaboration, as employees can easily share information with one another.

Enhanced security: Document management solutions include features such as access controls, which ensure that only authorized users can access documents, and encryption, which helps to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Better version control: Document management solutions include features such as version control, which ensures that employees are working with the most current version of a document, and auditing, which tracks changes and provides a history of who has accessed and modified documents.

Increased efficiency: Document management solutions automate routine tasks such as filing, archiving, and backing up documents, freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks.

Improved compliance: Document management solutions help businesses to comply with legal and regulatory requirements by providing an audit trail of who has accessed and modified documents, and by automatically applying retention policies to ensure that documents are retained for the appropriate length of time.

Increased mobility: Many document management solutions can be accessed via web-based interfaces, allowing employees to access and work with documents from anywhere, using any device.

Dematerialization of the supplier invoice process
Improved efficiency in financial and accounting areas

Workflow management
Tools to create and edit Workflows, model and automate processes, without programming knowledge.

Moving towards dematerialization
Digitization of documents reduces costs, increases security, and enables high levels of organizational ability.

Mobile App
Unlimited freedom: anytime, anywhere, on any device