Make a simple, effective and cost saving choice make postage easy with a smart machine choice

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Postage and mailing can be a real bottleneck if not handled cleverly. Not to mention complicated if it isn’t a job managed correctly. We’ve put together a few straight forward options for managing your postage. Smaller capacity requirements can use the latest mailing machines to quickly and efficiently process the mail. For more complex or high quantity mailings we have rapid automatic machines with extended functionality.


We load all our machines up with the latest royal mail rates so that you don’t have to guess, just use the built in postage scale and the machine will calculate the postage for you.

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Faster Mail Processing

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Designed for business, Our larger machines have high capacity letter feeding options as well as high capacity power stacking capabilities. The postal Vertical Feeder feature allows you to load a variety of envelope sizes. Fast, simple, and easy to operate, our machines use a recognisable smartphone style icon driven menu; making it one of the most technologically advanced yet easy to understand machines available on the market.

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Completely connected

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Full online management of your mailing system,  cost account management made easy by seamlessly syncing one or multiple meters or applications. Manage the associated users on the portal and on your postage meter.


Not to mention the vast customisation options, personalisation and account by account settings available, keeping everything in view and under control.

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Analyse your Postage

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Gain insight into your postal expenditures to better monitor, manage and control costs. Our postage management software provides convenient online access to postal analytics and reporting for simple mail management.


Conveniently view, print or download reports in PDF or Excel formats.

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More than just a franking machine work smarter with better postage management
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As an often overlooked, or expected element of day to day business. Postage management is easily forgotten, and could be an avenue your business could be drastically saving money on postage costs and operator time.


Choosing to address this now could just be the start of the Filedoc process of analysing your business and suggesting ways in which you can improve productivity and save on your outgoing costs.


As with all solutions we provide, mailing machines are available in a variety of sizes; budgets and space shouldn’t be an issue for constraining your productivity and reducing your outgoing spend on postage. Our postage management advice and equipment will streamline an often forgotten part of your business.

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OUr specialist team are on hand to ensUre we find a solution that fits your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology.

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