Could your print be running smarter? our print audit is designed to tell you

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Using a comprehensive print management tool, Filedoc can analyse your current print set up. Allows us to offer advice on ways you can effectively lower costs, work more efficiently and understand the environmental impact of printing.


We offer a no obligation free print audit service which will help you to specify the best solution for your needs. When the time comes by identifying your print usage and work out the right mix of printers and copiers to maximise output and minimise costs.

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Detailed Analysis

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The perfect opportunity to find the flaw in your printing system. Our accurate detailed system automatically tracks 100% of your printing. Including local, networked and direct-to-IP devices.


Therefore meaning that you can spot problems such as equipment abuses with large output volumes. Secondly, which devices are being used to do the most printing and what exactly is being printed.


Our print audit is designed to save you money by revealing printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high cost personal printers.

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Cost Reduction

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With a variety of logical steps that you may not have even considered, our print audit can drastically reduce your printing costs.


Our software is designed to make your users immediately more conscious of the print they are performing. Displaying costs and eco-conscious messages allows users to be informed of the cost and environmental implications before they print.


Controlling costs by limiting colour usage by user, printer of page count as well as redirecting costly jobs to more economical devices just scratches the surface of the savings that can be made.

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Cost Recovery

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Another often overlooked element of print management is failing to recover printing costs. Our print audit can establish a system that can ensure that every print job is tracked and billed for.


Further to this our system can lock certain users and machines to a credit system, limiting output. Prompting for pin codes can be used to track every print produced in your environment, using a reference for project code or client number.


We believe if executed correctly we can automate 100 percent of your client billing processes related to print. For instance we can ensure any costs are passed on appropriately instead of being absorbed by the company.

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We think it’s time businesses feel in control of their print.  A tracked and managed system to put you back in control
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Pairing our print audit service with our unbeatable print service is the recipe for success. Whether you prefer a managed print service, or just supply of machines and auditing, Filedoc can provide what you need.


What could be more valuable for print than real-time monitoring of print activity for your entire business; when pairing our auditing software and machine supply. Offering regular advice and an ongoing review of your print activity and usage trends allows for informed decisions regarding equipment placement or purchase.


To summarise, we can easily advise on the most cost efficient devices to be used in which locations. As well as identifying and avoid the cost implications of  high cost local inkjet or laser printers.

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OUr specialist team are on hand to ensUre we find a solution that fits your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology.

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