Do more with your screens. interactive displays drastically increasing the potential uses.

Using an interactive display solution allows for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing. With easy-to-use and highly responsive touch performance, we can ensure that you are confident while demonstrating, allowing you to focus on their primary task. Pairing these amazing touch displays with excellently developed applications they are brilliant for any environment and ensure seamless integration with existing software and hardware.


It’s time to get your message across! Capture ideas live by writing with your fingers or a smart touch screen pen. Enjoy the precision of highly responsive capacitive touch screens. Endless visual possiblities; you can bring people together with high quality video conferencing; use application tools to produce interactive training sessions, or even bring a classroom to life!

Early Years

Our Early Years Edition is an essential tool for every early years classroom, combining fun and interactive group learning. Helping children develop essential early learning skills, such as hand eye coordination, reading and communication, it encourages children to interact with a wide range of technology.


The Interactive Display Table can be used by a group of children simultaneously. Children can easily draw on and mark the screen with their fingers, meaning that interacting with the screen feels intuitive and natural.

Promote User Collaboration

Our multi-touch capacitive interactive displays, can be used in a variety of smart and intuitive ways. Many of our displays are bundled with smart stylus pens which open up even more creative ways for collaborating and brainstorming. All our displays allow several people to contribute at the same time, recognising up to 10 points of contact and with built in hand writing recognition.


The incredible displays are protected by a subtle antiglare film that works to reduce glare and reflections and minimise fingerprint soiling on the screen glass.

4k Displays

Ideally suited for office meeting room, corporate boardroom and professional training rooms. Our 4K interactive displays are packed with groundbreaking applications and technology.


With a “pen on paper” user experience our interactive displays are perfect for the most demanding of tasks. Allowing you to enhance team communication, capture all  of the creative expression. Resulting in environments that create the best conditions for decisive and productive collaboration.

It’s time to get ahead of the game Interactive displays enabling you to achieve more

We’re extremely confident our interactive displays would be beneficial in a plethora of businesses, so that don’t even know it yet. Our team can guide you on the applications and functionality that will be beneficial specifically to you and your business. Whether this is improving you business pitching, or finding the best ways to extract valuable information in staff meetings.


Available in a variety of sizes; budgets and spaces shouldn’t be an issue for constraining your creativity and work output. Our interactive displays are sure to be game changing for your business.


OUr specialist team are on hand to ensUre we find a solution that fits your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology.