Working in collaboration with Sharp. Providing Interactive display, visitor management and so much more…

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Using an interactive display solution allows for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing. With easy-to-use and highly responsive touch performance, we can ensure that you are confident while demonstrating, allowing you to focus on their primary task. Pairing these amazing touch displays with excellently developed applications they are brilliant for any environment and ensure seamless integration with existing software and hardware.

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Windows Collaborative Display

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The world’s first Windows collaboration display from Sharp, with Skype for Business certification, is the next generation 4K 70” interactive display that enables better space utilisation and more productive collaboration in meetings, boardrooms and almost anywhere else. With the Windows collaboration display, you can start working together in your meetings instantly and it works seamlessly with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools.


Built with IoT sensors, the Windows collaboration display can work with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to monitor and optimise your smart meeting room environments and collaboration spaces.

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Working with Smarter Buildings

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With its IoT sensor hub containing a comprehensive array of sensor endpoints, you can monitor the meeting environment in your smart building, looking at areas such as:

  • Meeting occupancy
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Ambient light
  • Air quality levels

This spatial intelligence offers the chance for better heating, cooling, and meeting room booking systems which together create a more comfortable meeting room environment.

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Smarter Insights, Better resource management

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New cloud-based services offer exciting ways of managing data and getting new insights into the management of assets and resources. The Windows collaboration display sensor array data can be worked on with AI algorithms based in the cloud, or simply get cleaned up and returned for real-time use. The Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform can host commercially available cloud and subscription services, such as Sharp WorkSpaces* which provide tangible value for facilities management, or simply making meeting rooms more comfortable.

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Always room for improvement

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Sharp WorkSpaces is software solution that helps you make the best use of data from the IoT Sensor hub on the Windows collaboration display. It provides clear, visual information to enable more efficient room booking and utilisation and create comfortable meeting and training room environments for more productive collaboration and learning. Using Sharp WorkSpaces is a smarter way to monitor and improve meeting room usage and conditions.


Sharp WorkSpaces delivers real-time analysis of the environmental conditions in your boardrooms and meeting spaces as part of a temperature monitoring system, it continually measures the ambient temperature and relative humidity levels as well as the light and air quality it can help you ensure maximum comfort in each room.

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OUr specialist team are on hand to ensUre we find a solution that fits your business, helping you achieve your goals with technology.

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